Ronald Aronson

l0524 Elgin

Huntington Woods, Michigan 48070

(248) 548-7370                      





1962-68                      Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, M.A. (1965) and   Ph.D. (1968) in The History of Ideas


Dissertation:                 “Art and Freedom in the Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre,” advisers Henry David Aiken and Herbert Marcuse


1961                            Graduate Study in History, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


1958-60                       Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan; B.A. in History and English (with honors)


1957-58                       University of California at Los Angeles


1956-57                       Wayne State University





Fall, 2007                   Distinguished Professor of the History of Ideas, Department of History, Wayne State University


2004-2007                 Distinguished Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, WSU                         


Winter, 2004               Visiting Professor of Philosophy, DePaul University, Chicago


July, 1994                   Director, National Endowment for the Humanities Seminar for School Teachers (at WSU)



1990                            Visiting Lecturer in Politics, University of Natal; also lectured in Philosophy at University of Durban-Westville and University of the Western Cape, South Africa



1987                            Visiting Lecturer in Politics, University of Natal, University of Durban-Westville; also lectured in Philosophy at University of Western Cape, University of Cape Town, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa


1983-84                      Honorary Research Fellow in Philosophy, University College, London, England (in connection with this position, I gave a series of lectures on twentieth century Continental Philosophy)


1983-2004                   Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies Program, WSU


1978-83                       Associate Professor of Humanities, Weekend College Program, WSU


1977-78                       Associate Professor of Humanistic Studies, Monteith College, WSU


1968-77                       Assistant Professor of Humanistic Studies, Monteith College


1967-68                       Lecturer in Philosophy, Lehman College, CUNY, The Bronx, New York


1966-67                       Instructor in Philosophy, Monmouth College, West Long Branch, New Jersey


1966                            Lecturer in Philosophy, University College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey


1963-64                      Reader to Professor Herbert Marcuse, History of Ideas Program, Brandeis University


1963-64                       Teaching Assistant, Brandeis University


1961-62                       Teaching Principal, Upper Mattole School, Honeydew, California



Administrative Responsibilities


1994-August 1996       Graduate Chair, Master of Interdisciplinary Studies Program, WSU  (I developed and administered a new graduate degree program.)



Awards and Honors


Awarded Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa, April, 2002


Other Honors:  WSU Humanities Center Resident Scholar, 2007-08


                        Camus and Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel That Ended It: WSU Board of Governors Faculty Recognition Award, 2005


Camus and Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel That Ended It submitted by University of Chicago Press for the Pulitzer Prize in Letters  May, 2004


                        President, Wayne State University Academy of Scholars, 2001-2


                        Inducted into WSU Academy of Scholars, 1997


                        President's Award for Excellence in Teaching WSU, 1991


Sartre’s Second Critique: WSU Board of Governors Faculty Recognition Award, 1989


            Charles Gershenson Distinguished Faculty Fellow, WSU, 1988-90


                        American Jewish Committee, Academicians' Seminar in Israel, 198l


                        Phi Beta Kappa (Junior member-in-course), 1960


                        Graduated Magna Cum Laude, 1960   



Grants, Fellowships,

and other Research

Support:                       Michigan State Bar Foundation, $6400 grant to develop a study guide for 1st Amendment on Trial, July, 2006


Michigan State Bar Foundation, Theodore Levin Memorial Foundation, Barris Sott Denn & Driker, PLLC, Butzel Long, PC, Dykema Gossett PLLC, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP, Howard & Howard Attorneys, P.C., Vercruysse Murray & Calzone, PC, $42,500 in grants for the film, 1st Amendment on Trial: The Case of the Detroit Six, 2006


Partnership Agreement with Detroit Public Television/WTVS (Channel 56) and in-kind grant of $18,000 for the film, 1st Amendment on Trial: The Case of the Detroit Six, 2006


WSU $18,500 in grants for the film, Professional Revolutionary: The Life of Saul Wellman, 2002


Detroit Public Benefit Corporation, $10,000 for Professional Revolutionary, 2002


WSU $15,500 grants for the film Professional Revolutionary, 2001


Michigan Humanities Council $10,000 in matching funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities for the film Professional Revolutionary


WSU Vice-President for Research $4500 grant for the film Professional Revolutionary,  June, 1999


Michigan Humanities Council, $10,000 grant for the film Professional Revolutionary June, 1999


Partnership Agreement with WTVS (Channel 56) for the film Professional Revolutionary, $32,000


WSU Humanities Center, Award for Innovative Projects in the Arts and Humanities for the film Professional Revolutionary, Fall, 1999


Graduate Research Assistant awarded by the Graduate School, Wayne State University, 1998-9


Graduate Research Assistant awarded by the Graduate School, Wayne State University, 1997-8


WSU Small Research Award, June, 1994, June, 1991


WSU International Travel Grant, June, 1994, June 1991, June, 1988, June, 1986


American Council of Learned Societies Travel Grant, June 1986


                                    Wayne State University Faculty Research Award, 1985, 1980, 1973


                                    American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship, 1983-84


National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend for Younger Humanists, 1972


                        Scholarship and University Fellowship, Brandeis, 1962-64







I have received a contract from the New York Review of Books editions on a collection of essays by Jean-Paul Sartre on the theme of “Sartre as Essayist” which I will introduce and edit. Co-Editor and translator is Adrian van den Hoven. Publication date is expected to be in 2010.


Living without God: New Directions for Atheists, Agnostics, Secularists, and the Undecided; Counterpoint, September, 2008.


Camus & Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel that Ended It; University of Chicago Press, 2004.


            Translated into Chinese, 2005

            Translated into French, 2005

            Translated into Turkish, 2006

            Translation into Spanish, 2006

            Translation into Portuguese, 2007

            Translation into Hebrew, 2008

            Translation into Croatian in preparation

            Translation into Korean in preparation


After Marxism; Guilford Press, 1995.


Editor and author of Introduction, Jean-Paul Sartre, Truth and Existence; The University of Chicago Press, 1992.


Co-editor with Adrian van den Hoven, Sartre Alive; Wayne State University Press, 1991.


“Stay out of Politics!” A Philosopher Views South Africa; The University of Chicago Press, 1990.


Sartre's Second Critique; The University of Chicago Press, 1987.


The Dialectics of Disaster: A Preface to Hope; Verso, 1984.


Jean-Paul Sartre - Philosophy in the World; Verso, 1981.





Producer (with Judith Montell), 1st Amendment on Trial: The Case of the Detroit Six, April, 2006 (premiere telecast on WTVS May 29, 2006); also Executive Producer and co-author of script.


Co-Producer (with Judith Montell), Professional Revolutionary: The Life of Saul Wellman, May, 2005 (premiere telecast on WTVS May 8, 2006); also Executive Producer and co-author of script.



Introductions to Books:


 “Sartre's Last Words?” introduction to Jean-Paul Sartre, Hope Now, University of Chicago Press 1996.


“The Ethics of Truth,” introduction to Jean-Paul Sartre, Truth and Existence (see above). 


“Sartre Alive” (with Adrian van den Hoven), Sartre Alive (see above).



Chapters of Books:

“After Marxism: Sartrean Perspectives on Oppression and Struggle,” to appear in Sartre et le Marxisme, editor Emmanuel Baroti, Paris, 2007.


“My Latest Encounter with Sartre.” in Vincent von Wroblewsky, Pourquoi Sartre?, Latresne-Bourdoux, France: Editions Le Bord de l'eau, 2005


“Camus versus Sartre: The Unresolved Conflict,” in Adrian van den Hoven and Andrew Leak eds., Sartre Today: A Centenary Celebration, Berghahn Books, 2006; to be republished in Chinmoy Guha, ed., Essays on Sartre, University of Calcutta Press, 2007


“Sartre and History,” in Christina Howells, The Cambridge Guide to Sartre, Cambridge University Press, 1991.


“Political Implications of Sartre's Thought: Deciphering the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” Sartre Alive (see above).


“Why? Towards a Theory of the Holocaust” (see below), Roger Gottleib, ed., Thinking the Unthinkable: Meanings of the Holocaust, The Paulist Press, 1990.


“The Holocaust and Human Progress,” Allen Rosenberg and Gerald Meyers, eds., Philosophical Echoes of the Holocaust, Temple University Press, 1988.          


“Social Madness,” Isidor Walliman and  Michael Dobkowski, eds., The Age of Genocide, Greenwood Press, 1986.


“Societal Madness: Impotence, Power and Genocide,” Israel Charny, ed,  Proceedings of the International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide, Westview Press, 1985.


“Sartre's Turning Point: The Abandoned  Critique de la raison dialectique, Vol. II,” Paul Arthur Schilpp, ed., The Philosophy of  Jean-Paul Sartre (The Library of Living Philosophers), Open Court, 1981.    


“Sartre's Individualist Social Theory,”  Western Marxism: A Critical Reader, Verso/Schocken, l977; republished in Robert Wilcocks, ed, Critical Essays on Jean-Paul  Sartre; Boston: G. K. Hall, 1987.


“Dear Herbert” (A critique of Herbert Marcuse), George Fisher, ed., The Revival of  American Socialism, Oxford University Press,  1971.


“Socialism, the Sustaining Menace,” K. T. Fann and Donald Clark Hodges, eds., Readings in U.S. Imperialism, Porter-Sargent, 1971.


“The New Left in the United States” (with John Cowley), Ralph Miliband and John  Saville, eds., The Socialist Register, l967,  republished in Arthur Lothstein, ed., All We  Are Saying . . . ., Putnam, 1970.     


“The Movement and Its Critics,” translated into Italian, Gianfranco Corsini, ed., L'America del dissenso, Editori Riuniti  (Rome), l966.



Papers published in refereed journals:


“The Soul of Socialism” New Politics, Summer 2006.


“Camus versus Sartre on Violence—The Unresolved Conflict,” Romance Review, Spring 2006 (this is a revised version of the chapter published above in Sartre Today: A Centenary Celebration).


“The Third Man in the Story,” A Discussion of the Sartre-Camus Conflict with Francis Jeanson

Sartre Studies International, Fall, 2002.


Editor and author of Introduction, Jean-Paul Sartre, “Sartre,Camus, and the Caliban Articles,”    Sartre Studies International, Fall, 2001.


“Adult Learning and American Political Debate: Achieving Political Literacy Today” (with Karen McDevitt,” Models for Adult and Lifelong Learning: Adult Education and Social Change, 2001.


Editor and author of Introduction, Jean-Paul Sartre, “Sartre on the U.S. Working Class: Articles from Combat, 1945,” jointly published by Dissent (Winter 2001) and Sartre Studies International, Fall, 2000.


“Hope after Hope,” Social Research, Summer, 1999.


“Towards a Relativized Marxism,” Rethinking Marxism, Summer, 1997.


“After Progress,” Theoria, Fall, 1996.


“After Marxism: Sartrean Perspectives on Oppression and Struggle,” Proceedings of the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center, 1996.


“Sartre and Marxism: A Double Retrospective,” Sartre Studies International, 1 & 2, 1995.


“La Morale de la Vérité,” Bulletin de la Société Américaine de Philosophie de Langue Française, 1992; Etudes Sartriennes, 1993.


“After Communism,” Rethinking Marxism, 1992 (this is a substantially revised version of the following article).


“The End/s of Socialism,” Theoria, 1991.


“South Africa as Apartheid Unwinds,” Socialist Review, Winter, 1992 (this is a substantially revised version of the following article).


“Is Socialism on the Agenda?  Letter to the South African Left” Transformation, Spring, 1991.


“Responsibility and Complicity,” Philosophical Papers, Summer 1990.


“`Remember, Stay Out of Politics': Lecturing in South Africa,” The Yale Review, Spring-Summer, 1988.


“Vicissitudes of the Dialectic: From Merleau-Ponty's Les Aventures de la dialectique to Sartre's Second Critique,” Philosophical Forum, Summer, 1987.


“Sartre's Return to Ontology: Critique de la  raison dialectique, II Reflects on L'Etre et  le Néant,” Journal of the History of Ideas, Winter, 1987.    


“Sartre sur Staline,” Etudes sartriennes, Fall, 1990; a revised version of: “Sartre on Stalin,” Studies in Soviet Thought, Winter, 1987.


“Boxing and Incarnation in Sartre's Second Critique,” Revue Internationale de Philosophie, No. 152-3, 1985.


“Sartre and the Dialectic,” Yale French  Studies, No. 68, 1985.


“Why? Towards a Theory of the Holocaust” (Part One: A Moral Phenomenology of the Final Solution; Part Two: Genocide - Responsibility and Social Dynamics), Socialist Review, 58-60, 1981.


“A Learning of Limits: Freedom in the Career of Jean-Paul Sartre,” Eros, 1981.


“Never Again? Zionism and the Holocaust,” Social Text, No. 3, 1980.


“Is Busing the Issue?” (On the ideology of equal opportunity), Dissent, Fall, 1978.


“Teaching Them What They Already Know: College Education and Working-Class Adults” (with Charles Rooney), Labor Studies Journal and Social Praxis, 1978.


“Sartre and the Radical Intellectual's Role,” Science and Society, Winter, 1975-76.


“Interpreting Husserl and Heidegger: The Root of Sartre's Thought,” Telos, No. 13, Fall, 1972.



Other Articles:


“The Reason Everything Happens for a Reason,” (excerpt from Living without God) to appear in The Humanist, May-June, 2009.


"A Nation of Believers and Nonbelievers - Second Thoughts on Obama's Inaugural Speech," The Huffington Post, January 28, 2009.


“Taking Responsibility for Ourselves,” (excerpt from Living without God), Free Inquiry, January-February, 2009.


"After the Election: Tasks for Secularists," Secular Humanism Online News, Vol. 4, No. 11, November, 2008.

"Don't count us out: ‘Nation of believers’ must not marginalize — or worse undercount — secularists, an invisible minority," USA Today, October 20, 2008.


"All Ye Unfaithful" The Nation, October 27, 2008.


"A 'New Atheist' Responds to,", October 6, 2008.


 "The Dem's 'Unity" Event" Secularists Semi-Invited," The Denver Post, August 15, 2008 and The Huffington Post, August 14, 2008.


 “The New Atheists: Toward a Revival of Secular Humanism,” The Nation, June 27, 2007; followed by “Exchange: Amen to All That,” December 17, 2007


“Becoming a Philosopher,” The Philosopher’s Magazine, Spring, 2007.


“Gratitude,” The Philosopher’s Magazine, Spring 2006.  Subsequently appeared on Arts and Letters Daily and as “Thank Who Very Much?,” lead article, Ideas section,  The Toronto Star September 3, 2006.


“The Crisis of Disbelief,” The Common Review. Spring 2006.


“The Left Needs---More Socialism,” The Nation, April 17, 2006


“Meanwhile: Jean-Paul Sartre at 100: Still Troubling Us Today, International Herald Tribune, June 22, 2005.


“Bush, Camus and Sartre,” The Washington Times (and other periodicals affiliated with United Press International), March 3, 2005.


 “La Névrose, une réponse B l’invivable,” L’empreinte Sartre: Supplement B Libération (Paris), March 11, 2005.


“Sartre vs. Camus: Fifty Years On,” The (London) Times Literary Supplement, September 27, 2002.



Review Essays:


“Faith No More? Against the Rising Tide of Rejuvenated Religion, a Number of Writers Make the Case for Disbelief,” Bookforum, October/November 2005.


“The Impermanent Revolution”; Isaac Deutscher’s Trotsky Trilogy, The Nation, March 14, 2005.


“Communism’s Posthumous Trial”: Michel Dreyfus et al, Le Siecle des Communismes, Stéphane Courtois et al, The Black Book of Communism, Tony Judt, The Burden of Responsibility and François Furet, the Passing of an Illusion, in History and Theory (2003)


Erik Olin Wright, Andrew Levine, and Elliot Sober, Reconstructing Marxism, in Radical Philosophy Review of Books, Summer, 1994.


“Hope Without Reason: The Problem of Ernst Bloch,” in History and Theory, 1991.


“Tasks for Historical Materialism,” in New Left Review, No. 152, 1985.



Interviews and Discussions:


"Aronson's guide for the godless:  A WSU prof contemplates America as a not-so-religious nation," (Detroit) Metro Times January 7, 2009


"Living without God" Interview with Peter Werbe, "Nightcall" (November 9, 2008, WRIF 101.1, and WCSX 94.7, WMGC 105.1


"The Day After: How an Obama Presidency May Affect Humanists," Ruth N. Geller (Humanist Network News, Institute for Humanist Studies; posted November 5, 2008


"Coming Out as Secularists: The Election and Beyond” Interview on "State of Belief," hosted by Rev. C. Welton Gaddy (October 25/26, 2008; minutes 19-29; Air America Radio)


"An Interview with Ronald Aronson", by Marilyn Westfall (“The Eloquent Atheist,” September 11, 2008) See also "Atheist to Baptist: We Need to Talk" (“The Eloquent Atheist,” October 22, 2008)


"What about Democrats who are not 'people of faith'?"  Interview on "State of Belief," hosted by Rev. C. Welton Gaddy (August 23/24, 2008; minutes 2:40 - 12:30; Air America Radio)


"Is Atheism Just a Rant Against Religion?" Washington Post, May 26, 2007


Interview in O Tempo, (Belo Horizonte. Brazil), March 2, 2008


Interview in O Globo (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), December 16, 2007


Interview on National Public Radio, “What’s the Word?” Modern Language Association, February, 2006


“Camus, Sartre, and Us: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel That Ended It,” An Interview with Ron Aronson by Danny Postel, Logos 4.1 Winter 2005.


Interview au sujet de Camus et Sartre: amitié et combat, France-Culture (radio),  émission du lundi 4 avril 2005.


Interview on “To the Best of Our Knowledge,” Wisconsin Public Radio, March 7, 2004


 “The Return of Jean-Paul Sartre.” on-line interview, The Chronicle of Higher Education Colloquy, Live.  (November 21 2003).  [Also see “Sartre Redux” by Scott McLemee, The Chronicle of Higher Education 11-21-03.]


“Sartre and Terror,” North American Sartre Society, Loyola University, March 2002, in Sartre Studies International, Winter, 2003.



Book Reviews:


My most recent reviews are:


Jonathan Judaken, Jean-Paul Sartre and the Jewish Question, in The (London) Times Literary Supplement (TLS), no. 5456, October 26, 2007.


“Rebel-in-Chief: Camus Aimed to Forge a New France While Editor of Combat,” (review of Camus at Combat), Bookforum, April/May 2006.


I have also reviewed books for Dissent, Ethics, New Stateman, Telos, Science and Society, The Jewish Quarterly, and Radical Philosophy Review of Books





1st Amendment on Trial: The Case of the Detroit Six, 2006: 5/16/2007, Adult Learning Institute, Oakland Community College, Farmington Hills MI; 11/02/06, ASC (American Society of Criminology) Film Fest 2006: Trials and Tribulations – Award-winning Documentaries about Crime and Justice, Los Angeles CA; September 2006, American Association for State & Local History Conference, Phoenix AZ; Detroit Public Television, May, 2006; 4/28-30/06, Limited theatrical release at Insight Screening Room, Southfield, MI; 4/23/06, Premiere of film for supporters and participants, Insight Screening Room, Southfield MI; 3/26/06, East Lansing (MI) Film Festival; 11/17/05, Preview showing of “rough cut” of film at annual meeting of the Historical Society for the United States District Court - Eastern District of Michigan


Professional Revolutionary: The Life of Saul Wellman: Detroit Public Television, May, 2006. Limited theatrical release at Bay Area Labor Film Festival, July, 2009; Insight Screening Room, Southfield, MI; 4/23/06; San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, July, 2005; Lenore Marwil Detroit Jewish Film Festival, April, 2005 (Director’s Special Selection); East Lansing Film Festival, March 2005; Park City (UT) Film Festival, January 2005; New York Film and Video Festival (Best Documentary Biography), November 2004; Mill Valley (CA) Film Festival (September 2004)



Papers Presented (selected)


September 2008-May 2009     Living without God was published in September 2008, resulting in over thirty invitations to speak in New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Cambridge (MA), Toronto, Grand Rapids (MI), Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tampa, Sarasota, and elsewhere in Florida.  This included speaking at the Harvard Science Center (November 16), Northeastern Illinois University (March 10), University of Nevada at Las Vegas (March 12), and University of Michigan-Dearborn (March 31)

February, 2008,           “Albert Camus and History,” University of Florida, Gainesville

October, 2007             “Living without God,” University of Memphis

March, 2007                “Gratitude,” University of Toledo

October, 2006             “Sartre after Marxism,” North American Sartre Society, Fordham University, New York

May, 2006                   “Camus versus Sartre on Violence and Terrorism,” Global Studies Association, DePaul University

January, 2006               “Living without God,” Wayne State University Humanities Center

February, 2005            “Camus versus Sartre: The Unresolved Conflict,” University of San Francisco,

October, 2003             “Camus versus Sartre: The Unresolved Conflict,” UK Society for Sartrean Studies, London

April, 2002                   “Why Do They Hate Us?”  City University of London, London, England

April, 2002                   “Why Do They Hate Us?”  University of Natal, Durban, South Africa

“Sartre versus Camus: Fifty Years On,” University of Natal, Durban, South Africa

February, 2001            “The Algerian War: Sartre versus Camus Continued,” Lewis University, Romeoville, IL

November, 2000          “Sartre versus Camus: The Issues,” Radical Philosophers Association, Loyola University of Chicago

September, 2000          “Sartre versus Camus: The Rupture,” Sartre Society of North America, Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario

May, 2000                   “Can We Live without Marxism?” MacMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

May, 2000                   “Sartre versus Camus: The Hidden Story,” American Philosophical Association, Chicago

October, 1998             “Left Values and American Politics,” Back to Basics Conference, Chicago

April, 1997                   “Detroit, American Acropolis?”  Society for Geography and Philosophy and Geography, Pittsburgh

March, 1997                “Sartre versus Camus: A Retrospective,” American Philosophical Association, Los Angeles

November, 1996          “Intellectuals and Politics,” Plenary address, Midwest Radical Activists and Scholars Conference, Roosevelt University, Chicago

November, 1996          “Sartre versus Camus in Retrospective,” Radical Philosophers Association, Purdue University

May, 1996                   “Is Marxism Over?” Graduate Sociology Seminar, Ohio State University, Columbus

“The Sartre/Camus Conflict Today,” Sartre Society of North America, Denison University, Granville, Ohio

April, 1996                   “Rethinking Solidarity (panel with Todd Gitlin, Benjamin Barbour, and Jean Cohn), Socialist Scholars Conference, New York

October, 1995             “After Marxism: Sartrean Perspectives on Oppression and Struggle,” UK Sartrean Society, London

“After Marxism: Sartrean Perspectives on Oppression and Struggle,” University of Nottingham-Trent, Nottingham, UK

April, 1995                   Respondent on a panel discussing my book,  After Marxism, The Socialist Scholars Conference, New York

February, 1995            “After Marxism: Sartrean Perspectives on Oppression and Struggle,” Symposium of the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh

October, 1994             “Sartre and the End of Marxism,” Chair's address, Sartre Society of North America, Chicago

June, 1994                   “Sartre et le marxisme: un rétrospectif double,” Groupe d’Etudes Sartriennes, Paris

April, 1994                   “Socialism Is Finished, Marxism Is Over - and Now What?” Socialist Scholars Conference, New York

October, 1993             “PostMarxist Politics,” Radical Scholars Conference, Chicago

November, 1992          “Is Marxism Over? A Debate” (With Douglas Kellner) Rethinking Marxism Conference, Amherst, Mass.              

April, 1992                   “We Should Be Talking about Right and Wrong,” Socialist Scholars Conference, New York

September, 1991          “Sartre and the Dialectic: On Critique of Dialectical Reason, II, Sartre Society of North America, Dayton, Ohio

June, 1991                   “La Morale de la Vérité,” Groupe d'Etudes Sartriennes, Paris   

November, 1989          “Progress: Fetish or Reality?” The Radical Philosophers Association, New York

May, 1989                   “The Holocaust and Progress,” James Madison College, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

March, 1989                “The Vicissitudes of the Dialectic: Sartre and Merleau-Ponty,” Titus-Hepp Philosophy Lecture, Denison University, Granville, Ohio

January, 1989               “Philosophical Reflections on South Africa Today,” Albion College, Albion, Michigan

January, 1989               “A Philosopher Visits South Africa,” University of  Michigan-Dearborn

October, 1988             “Lecturing in South Africa,” Albion College,  Albion, Michigan

June, 1988                   “La Politique de Sartre, la Philosophie de Sartre,” Groupe d'Etudes Sartriennes, Paris

May, 1988                   “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Sartrean View,” Canadian Learned Societies, Windsor, Canada

December, 1987          “Responsibility for the Holocaust and Apartheid,” Conference of Philosophical Societies, American Philosophical Association, New York

April, 1987                   “Political Consequences of Sartre's Thought,” The Sartre Society of North America, Detroit

June, 1986                   “L'Intentionnalité de la deuxieme Critique,” Groupe d'Etudes Sartriennes, Paris

April, 1986                   “Hope for Hard Times: Lessons of the Holocaust,” Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio

January, 1986               “The Dialectics of Disaster: The Holocaust, Stalinism, Vietnam,” The University of Pittsburgh                            

December, 1985          Respondent in a symposium on my The Dialectics of Disaster: A Preface to Hope, American Philosophical Association, Washington, D.C.

October, 1985             “Sartre on Stalin,” The Sartre Society, New School, New York

June, 1985                   “Recovering Hope Today,” University Lecture Series, Oregon State University, Corvallis

June, 1985                   “Lessons of the Holocaust,” College of the Mainland, Texas City, Texas

March, 1985                “The Function of Denial in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” The Radical Philosophers Association, Baltimore

June, 1984                   “Beyond 1984: Hope Today,” The Institute for Contemporary Art, London

April, 1984                  Participated in television program entitled “Post-Modernism,” Voices, Channel Four, London (this discussion was published by Gayatri Spivak in The Post-colonial Critic)



 Editorial Activities


Editor, Sartre Studies International

In my capacity as one of four founding editors I have been involved in every aspect of creating and maintaining a journal, including issue development, article selection, review, editing, editorial writing, and writing, as necessary, commentaries and introductions for articles.  These have included my discussion of “Sartre and Stalin,” Vol. 3, No. 1, 1997, my introduction to the Hope Now symposium, Vol. 4,  No. 2, 1998, and my introduction to “Sartre and Camus: The Caliban Articles,” Vol. 7, No. 2, 2001.  More recently I have become Special Projects Editor, locating unpublished materials for inclusion in the journal.


As an editorial board member I have also been editorial consultant of Theoria, as well as frequent manuscript and article consultant, The University of Chicago Press, Greenwood Publications, Palgrave, Berghahn Books, Pluto Press, Wayne State University Press, Philosophy Today, Journal of the History of Philosophy, Journal of the History of Ideas, and Philosophical Forum



Other Professional Activities


 Executive Committee, Sartre Society of North America, 1988-1996; Co-chair, 1991-93; Chair, 1993-94; Committee on International Relations, American Philosophical Association, 1992-95; Ph.D. examiner, Department of Politics, University of Natal, South Africa; Griffith University, Australia; University of Queensland, Australia



Other Publications and Activities


Other articles have appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education, (London) Times Higher Education Supplement, The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, The Oakland Press, The (Detroit) Jewish News, Jewish Currents, the (Detroit) Metro Times, In These Times, and the Jewish Quarterly, as well as letters in the New York Times and the Times Book Review. 


Director, Democratic Values Project (a network of intellectuals and academics seeking to move American political debate in a more progressive direction), 1997-1999.  In connection with the project I published the following in the “First Principles Series” being run by The Nation: “A Question of Values,” The Nation, July 27-August 3, 1998; also “A Valuable Lesson,” In These Times, May 17, 1998, and I directed a conference, “Arguing with the Right,” November, 1997, Columbus, Ohio, and produced the video of the debate (broadcast on CSPAN, January 4, 1998), “Does the American Economy Operate According to Democratic Values,” with Cornel West, Barbara Ehrenreich, Stuart Butler, and David Frum.  I produced another debate, “Affirmative Action in Higher Education” for the National Communications Association, November, 1998 with Barbara Bergmann, Congressman Danny Davis, Dinesh D’Souza, and Abigail Thernstrom.