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Sounds of English:  Audio & Text of a Complete English Pronunciation Guide, Stories, and Poems

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Bruxism (Teeth Clenching or Grinding): Advice, Links, Resources

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Enemies of the American People


IN Ecology, all roads lead to politics: Essays of Interest:  


1. The Curbside Solution (TV) 

2. Terror Against the Biosphere:  English;  Español Italiano

3. Whose Oil Is It Anyway? (Iran, Iraq, USA) 

4. Reflections on the Presidential Races of Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul

The Short Happy Life of Homo "Sapiens": (click a letterè):  A   B   C   D    E


Seen Above: : Logging Elephants of Burma

Elephant Corner (articles, slides, sounds, ,  links)


Instructional Hypertexts: 

BIO 1030: Biology Today 

ISP 2030 / 3080:  Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar (AKA: New Student Conference)

IST 2710: Computers & Society

ISP 3510: Intermediate Reading & Writing (English Online)

IST 2420: Atoms & Stars: A Historical Introduction to Astronomy, Physics, and the Process of Scientific Discovery

ISP 4760/4860: Senior Seminar: Around the World in One Semester

Other Classes of Interest: 

IST 1510: History & Concepts of Mathematics

ISP 3160: World War I: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

IST 2310: Living in the Environment

ISP 3991:  Elephants

ISP 1510:  Written Communication Skills

ISP 3991/4760/4860: Media in America

ISP 3510: Intermediate Reading & Writing  

ISP 4991/4992/4996: Senior/Capstone Essay/Project

Travel Ideas:

Dolphin/Human Fishing Cooperative, Laguna, Santa Catarina, Brazil

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