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Interdisciplinary Studies Program
Fall, 2000
Instructor: David R. Bowen
2311 A/AB
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48202
Daytime tel: (313) 577-1498
Evening tel: (248) 549-8518
FAX: (313) 577-8585
Email: d.r.bowen@wayne.edu

Instructor's home page (David R. Bowen) at http://www.cll.wayne.edu/isp/drbowen

eCommerce: Using the Web to Find and Service Customers
AGS 3360 Section 986 Call Number 92073
or ISP 5500 Section 982 Call Number 92136
Computers, the Internet, and Society
AGS 3340 Section 981 Call Number 96761
or ISP 5990 Section 982 Call Number 99915

Last updated: 9/6/00
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AGS 3360 - eCommerce

Naming your homework files

In this course, you will turn your homework in as word-processing files. If two teams use the same file name, then the file that is turned in second will replace the file that is turned in first, and the work of the first team will be lost. Losing another team's work in this way will lose your team credit. Also, as the Instructor, I want the file name to tell me about the team and the assignment. Therefore, make up the names for your homework files with the following parts, in order:

So for example, if my team name was "Terminators" and I use Microsoft Word, the file name for my team's Initial Team Report would be teriewf.doc

When I grade the assignments, I will add a "g" to the end of the filename and return it.

Also, as backup file ID, include the following header lines at the beginning of each file:

  1. Full team name
  2. Full names of team members
  3. Course (AGS 3360) and course name (eCommerce)
  4. Semester (Fall 2000)
  5. Assignment (not just the code, write it out, e.g. "Initial Team Report"
  6. Word processor and version number (this is in case I have trouble reading it).
    (In Windows, to find the name and version number of any program, including a word processor, open the program, click on its "Help" menu item, and then on the "About" item on the drop-down menu list.)

For example, for my team's Initial Team Report I would include the following lines at the beginning of the file:

David Bowen, ... (other names)
AGS 3360, eCommerce
Fall 2000
Initial Team Report
Microsoft Word 7.0

The essay title and text would start after this header.

Overview of Assignments

Please note: being out of town is a valid reason for missing a class. It is not a valid reason for missing a weekly course progress report, conference postings, updating your personal web site, turning in a report or checking the course web site. All of these can be done using the Internet, and Internet access is widely available at public libraries, work sites and other public institutions.

Assignment Schedule

Texts are identified in the table below by the author's name, as follows:

Week Wednesday Reading (to be completed by this date) Other assignment (to be completed and turned in by this date)
1 9/6 First week of classes. First class meeting
2 9/13 Castro 1-57, McComb 1-39 Second class meeting. Team formation, choice of product. First conference posting.
3 9/20 Casto 77-125, McComb 39-77 Restricted lab.
4 9/27 Castro 125-177, McComb 77-119 (skip sections on MReply, without CGI, Faux, C and grep) Third class meeting. Initial web form and iht file.
5 10/4 Castro 177-203, McComb 123-170 Restricted lab.
6 10/11 McComb 193-213, Seybold 1-38 Fourth class meeting.
7 10/18 McComb 215-234, Seybold 39-64 Restricted lab. Initial team report
8 10/25 Seybold CSF 1 Fifth class meeting.
Financial section of Team business plan due
Initial team web site complete, with ordering
9 11/1 Seybold CSF 2 Restricted lab.
10 11/8 Seybold CSF 3 Sixth class meeting
11 11/15 Seybold CSF 4 Restricted lab. Initial team web sites.
12 11/22
(scheduled as a Friday, lab will be open)
Seybold CSF 5 Open lab, no class.
13 11/29 Seybold CSF 6 Seventh class. Description of team business process. Working customer order on web site.
14 12/6 Seybold CSF 7 Restricted lab.
15 12/13 Seybold CSF 8 and Synthesis Eighth and last class meeting.
Last day to turn in work for regular grade.
Team Report due.
Final team web sites in place.
Conference postings complete
16 12/20   Restricted lab.

NOTE 1: "Restricted" Vs "Open" labs. eCommerce and Computers, the Internet, and Society both meet in Room 113 Rackham on Wednesday evenings. If the other class is meeting that night (and you are not taking it), you are free to use the lab that night on a restricted basis -- sit in the back, no interruption of the other class. I will also be at the lab on Friday evenings for open labs,  available for help and questions.

NOTE 2: I will allow you to redo assignments and turn in missing work after the course is over. Such work will not appear in your regular grade, but it will be taken into account in a Change of Grade, and it will eventually appear on your official transcript. The University will allow me to file a Change of Grade up to one calendar year after the end of the semester in which you took the course. For this course, that is through the end of the Fall 2001 semester. I will not accept major assignments during the last month of this period. If you are redoing an assignment, the original assignment with my comments and grades must be turned in along with the redone assignment. If you plan to make up work after the course is over, course reports are still required, every week.

The above is a liberal policy for late work and makeup assignments. The downside is that I am also allowed to be late in grading the makeup work, especially during the summer and at the beginning and end of each semester. If my workload for grading makeup is heavy, it can take a semester or more for me get around to your work. I will usually tell you or email you when I have graded your work and turned in a Change of Grade form. It often takes the University a month or more to record that change. If either of these delays puts the Change of Grade beyond one year, that is still OK, if I can make the statement that you got the work in by the one-year deadline.

Also, after the course is over, staying informed and on track shifts from being my responsibility to being yours. I will still be available for discussions, questions, reminding you about where the coruse web site is, and what your course passwords are, but it becomes your responsibility for locating and contacting me. If exams or quizzes need to be made up, if there is more than one person who needs this, one of that group must accept the responsibility for contacting the others and scheduling a date that is acceptable to all (including me, of course).

Making up work of an eCommerce Team can be particularly difficult. Creating the eCommerce web site is a team effort because it requires integration of many different skills, and because there is so much work involved. If there is eCommerce Team work to be made up, and there is more than one person involved, that group will form a new Team. If only one person has to make up Team work, the requirements will not be adjusted; that person must do the work on her/his own.

Computer Conference assignments